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There are a wide range of services offered at our pharmacy.


We dispense NHS ,Private ,Veterinary  and mobility prescriptions using the latest IT systems in pharmacy.This enables us to better advice and inform our patients regarding their medication.

Review your medicines.

We can offer you a private, face to face conversation with our pharmacist about your prescription medicines.Our pharmacist will ensure you feel confident that your medicines are working to benefit your health.The review will improve your understanding about what your medicines do, and how to get best from them.

Minor Ailment scheme.

We offer patients with minor ailments appropriate treatment and advice without the need to see a doctor.You can talk to our pharmacist in confidence without having to make an appointment .Please ask the pharmacist if you are eligible for the scheme.

Stop Smoking.

Our pharmacist will provide one to one support and advice to people who want to give up smoking.We can also advise on a wide range of nicotine replacement products.

Repeat prescription collection and delivery service.

To save you time we collect repeat prescriptions from local surgeries and dispense them ready for collection at the pharmacy.

Support for people with disability.

We can provide help and advise for patients who require assistance with managing and taking their medication.We may be able to supply your medicines in a special container marked with daily doses.

Ostomy and incontinence products.

We stock and can obtain for you an extensive range of products e.g. Catheters,Stoma bags,mattress covers,bed pads,TENA products etc.If you have a specific requirement we can advice you in total confidence to improve your life style.

Living aids to assist mobility.

We can assist in obtaining a wide range of products to improve your independence and quality of life, e.g. Walking frames, walking sticks,long handled scissors,wheel chairs etc.

Blood Pressure and Diabetes Monitoring meters.

We stock a good selection of blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring meters to monitor and manage your condition.